Work Areas

All group work turns on the axis of supporting efforts led by Indigenous and Black folks and People of Color (POC), and engaging other white folks around issues of racial justice. We hold awareness that none of us are experts in everything and we expect to work together in support of our collectively held goals. Additionally, these work areas often overlap and experience peaks and valleys of engagement depending on community need. If you want to help to plan, organize, or carry out our work in any of these areas, please reach out to us at We'd love to have you!


Chapter Organizing

By Bec Young, courtesy of justseeds
By Bec Young, courtesy of justseeds
  • Working on chapter structure, accessibility and transparency issues, and development of and adherence to group guidelines.
  • Communications and social media work.
  • Organizing large group gatherings when appropriate.
  • Supporting leadership development in the working groups.
  • Establishing and maintaining community partnerships.
  • Understanding that the integrity of intra-group relationships is essential to our functioning and seeking to share responsibility and accountability on the whole with all members.

Direct Action

By Josh MacPhee, courtesy of justseeds
By Josh MacPhee, courtesy of justseeds
  • Interfacing with active POC and Indigenous-led groups to discuss if/how they would like SURJ to participate in and/or otherwise support their efforts and implementing action accordingly.
  • Identifying and acting on potential opportunities for anti-racist direct actions organized by and for white people.
  • Direct action can include:
    • Fundraising / material support / mobilizing resources
    • Political alignment / activism and engagement with politicians, legislature, etc (phone zaps, petitions, etc)
    • Actions, protests - bodies, safety teams, organizing assistance
    • Boosting signals, asks, event, etc through our networks
    • Calling in white people, supporting educational opportunities around dismantling white supremacy and anti-racist work


  • Working to understand existing POC and Indigenous-led efforts to dialogue around issues of racial justice.
  • Engaging in any opportunities to support existing and emerging POC and Indigenous-led education/outreach efforts.
  • Researching racial justice curricula appropriate for white/white efforts.
  • Organizing workshops and similar white/white educational efforts.
  • Developing written material for distribution to white people at actions.
  • Actively working to call other white activists in when their behavior detracts/distracts from POC and Indigenous-led efforts.


If you are passionate about one of these areas and want to spearhead a working group, please get in touch!

Political Engagement

  • Researching existing POC and Indigenous-led efforts to change dangerous/harmful policies and generate supportive policies.
  • Networking to discover opportunities to support emerging POC and Indigenous-led policy-related efforts.
  • Working to dismantle existing racist/white supremacist policies.
  • Developing and honing intragroup policies.
  • Implementing the focus on local issues written into the guidelines.

Police Defunding and Abolition

By Josh MacPhee, courtesy of justseeds
By Josh MacPhee, courtesy of justseeds
  • Researching POC and Indigenous-led efforts to defund and ultimately abolish the police.
  • Exploring strategies to support community self-management and access to community resources other than law enforcement.