Local Values - Northern New Mexico SURJ

Our chapter's guiding stars are Indigenous Sovereignty and Abolition of Prisons & Police.

As white people, we commit ourselves to examining and dismantling white supremacy as we experience it in ourselves, our institutions, our communities, and our culture. As white people, we each have a personal stake in seeing to it that racial justice prevails and systemic white supremacy is dismantled.

We stand in solidarity with the Indigenous, Chican@, Latinx, Black, and other POC movement leaders in Northern New Mexico and beyond.

We recognize ourselves as settlers who are part of a settler-colonial system throughout so-called Northern New Mexico. We hold awareness that colonization is a process, not an event.

We understand that racial justice is inextricably linked to land sovereignty, water sovereignty, and climate justice. We support the #LandBack philosophy and movement.

We recognize that there are many, many other individuals and groups doing racial justice work throughout this region and we value their work.

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