Local Values - Northern New Mexico SURJ

Our chapter's guiding stars are Indigenous Sovereignty and Abolition of Prisons & Police.

As white people, we commit ourselves to examining and dismantling white supremacy as we experience it in ourselves, our institutions, our communities, and our culture. As we strive to dismantle white supremacy, we must work to keep collective community care and healing, collaboration, and healthy interdependence at the forefront, building transformative alliances with BIPOC led organizations.  

We have personal and community stake in collective liberation and our work is grounded in the idea (as articulated by adrienne marie brown) that “Winning means mass and intimate healing.”

We recognize ourselves as settlers who are part of a settler-colonial system throughout so-called Northern New Mexico. We hold awareness that colonization is a process, not an event.

We stand in solidarity with the Indigenous, Chican@, Latinx, Black, and other POC movement leaders in Northern New Mexico and beyond.

We understand that racial justice is inextricably linked to land sovereignty, water sovereignty, and climate justice. We support the #LandBack philosophies and movements.

We understand that white supremacy is bound up with capitalism and patriarchy.

We recognize that there are many, many other individuals and groups doing racial justice work throughout this region and we value their work.

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We strive to incorporate principles of collective leadership, access, and disability justice into our organizing practices. On a practical level, this can look like:

  • taking care to create a warm, welcoming space that uplifts what each person has to contribute
  • multi-generational involvement
  • multiple points of entry and ways to participate
  • non-hierarchical approach to leadership
  • fostering transparency in decision making
  • accommodating people who need rides or childcare
  • offering emotional support and different ways to participate for neurodivergent folks or trauma survivors who might find traditional organizing or direct action challenging
  • striving to secure wheelchair-accessible meeting spaces and accessible online platforms
  • asking folks to come to gatherings fragrance-free
  • not assuming anyone's abilities, or access/mobility needs
  • generally taking care of each other

There are no experts here. We learn and grow together. Come join the conversation!