Take the Streets

The most common way people give up their power is thinking they don’t have it. -Anonymous

Take the Streets is our Direct Action working group. NNM SURJ implements direct action as one tactic in a multi-pronged approach to unlearn and fight injustice and build something new together. Direct actions disrupt the status quo and make it difficult for those in power to ignore the issues. Great direct actions connect, inspire, and transform both those participating and those observing.

Direct Action includes:

  • protests, marches, car rallies
  • vigils
  • street painting, wheat-pasting, banner drops, guerilla theater
  • sit-ins, pickets, blockades, occupations
  • the revolutionary general strike
  • and more

NNM SURJ invites you to join our Direct Action Team.

There is a role for you in the work, regardless of your experience level, from zero to decades worth. Folks with a wide range of comfort with personal, political, or legal risk can contribute in meaningful ways. Roles can range from safety team, medic, media team, and frontliner, to artist, legal & jail support, transport, strategic planning, or feeding the team! We will build our skills together, so come as you are. Hope to see you!

Direct action is not about asking permission but rather doing what needs to be done as effectively and efficiently as possible. It means working together [...] to take care of the problems we face, instead of waiting for others to make the change. -Lisa Fithian