How to Join

Racism and white supremacy keep the many divided for the benefit of the few. We must have an inclusive, open-hearted approach to organizing -- calling people into this work rather than creating barriers to participation -- while maintaining a clear political line.

Ways to work toward greater racial justice through NNM SURJ:



  • Become part of the small volunteer Organizing Group working behind the scenes to work with accountability partners, plan meetings and events, and organize white people in education and action.
  • Be part of our Education Working Group, which organizes workshops and learning opportunities for SURJ members and other white folks in our community about racial justice work.
  • Help organize childcare for SURJ meetings and events.
  • If you are interested in any of the above organizing work, please let us know by sending an email to All work is volunteer.


  • Take responsibility to educate yourself as a white supporter of racial justice and become a better anti-racist ally/accomplice.
  • Attend a SURJ training on topics like dismantling white supremacy, white fragility, etc.
  • Share and read resources with the NNM SURJ community via social media.


  • Show up to actions that NNM SURJ shares, ready to follow the lead of those impacted by the racial justice issue being addressed.
  • Invite other white people to be part of NNM SURJ.
  • Donate when SURJ boosts a fundraiser for or by a BIPOC-led racial justice cause.

If you have ideas for other work NNM SURJ could be doing to support racial justice work in Northern New Mexico, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Welcome - We're glad you're here!

"One more thing. You may not get the validation you hunger for. Stepping outside of the smoke and mirrors of racial privilege is hard, but so is living within the electrified fences of racial oppression – and no one gets cookies for that.

The thing is that when you help put out a fire the people whose home was in flames may be too upset to thank and praise you – especially when you look a lot like the folks who set the fire. That’s OK. This is about something so much bigger than that. 

There are things in life we don’t get to do right. But we do get to do them." 

 Ricardo Levins Morales, artist and writer