Action Every Week

We must find ways to embed racial justice work in our day-to-day lives, even when the media stops highlighting it.

Actions this week: 9/26/22 - 10/2/22

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Action Every Week is a NNM SURJ initiative that asks white people to "keep showing up" by making a commitment to take at least one action toward an anti-racist world EVERY WEEK! 


Once a week Action Every Week posts offer three possible actions to be taken that week. Actions address local, regional and national issues and range from action hours, letters, and phone calls to public events. Action suggestions center NNM SURJ's guiding stars of abolition and indigenous sovereignty, requests by BIPOC led organizations and partners, and active unlearning practices.


Action Every Week's goal is to provide white folx in our communities an "easy access" pathway to practice consistent and long term commitment to anti-racist action. This initiative directly engages white folks who want to be working toward anti-racism but feel unsure of what to do or how to begin and stay involved.


Making YOUR Action Every Week commitment is a great way to move from thought to action AND be part of a Northern New Mexico community of white folks taking an active role in anti-racist movements!


This initiative was inspired by Angie Franklin's article Ghosted by Allies