Redistribute Resources

This page is currently under construction. Once complete, it will host information about how to plug in when NNM SURJ is invited to support or partner in local or regional fundraisers, supply drives, and other efforts led by and benefiting BIPOC communities and racial justice movements.

If you are looking for a way to redistribute some of your resources today:

Right now, defendants in the October 2020 toppling of the racist Soldier's Monument in O'gah Po'geh (aka Santa Fe Plaza Obelisk) are burdened with paying thousands of dollars to participate in a Restorative Justice process as an alternative to prosecution. You can make a big difference and lift some of this terrible financial burden by donating to their Restorative Justice Fund right now. Click here to be taken to the donate page of Ubuntuworks, who are collecting the funds.  Thank you.

To learn more about why the obelisk needed to go, read this piece.